Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NHL Playoff Picks - Western Conference

Is this the year Joe Thornton and the Sharks finally get over the hump? Maybe Ron Wilson was the problem. Maybe not. The Ducks finished the season strong, but have goaltending issues. Its very likely that J.S. Giguere will at least start the playoffs on the bench. One thing that San Jose doesn't have... is goaltending issues. They do have the issue of big players becoming very very small when the tough gets going. The Ducks will pose a problem, but the Sharks will prevail. Dan Boyle is a beast. Sharks in 6. Columbus finally lands in the playoffs. Congratulations! Enjoy your four games. Red Wings in 4. I don't know if I'm sold on the Canucks. Especially given the Sedins playoff track record. You know that Luongo is going to be solid. If Chris Mason can match Luongo, then I like the Blues chances. A young, talented, hungry, skilled team. Upset blog. Blues in 7. Nobody seems to be giving the Flames a chance. You can't blame the naysayers, what with the way Calgary ended the season. If the Flames injured cavalry can heal quicker than expected, they will have a fighthing chance. For some reason Khabibulin owns the Flames. He's something like 120-1-0 against them in his career. The Hawks are young, and green to boot. The Flames are well seasoned. Coin flip. Blackhawks in 7.

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Choy said...

Vancouver in 6

Calgary in 5

Detroit in 5

San Jose in 4

Count it