Thursday, February 26, 2009


So much talk lately surrounding the NHL has been the economic viability of some "Non-Traditional" markets throughout the US, most notable has been in Glendale, AZ. Since we Canadians are in a fortunate position in terms of our Canadian franchises and their respective stability, let's have a look at some troubled franchise and the offers they have to pull in prospective ticket deals...
2 Tickets, 2 Beers or Sodas, 2 Hot Dogs and a Parking Pass = $39 *Valued at $62
"All You Can Eat Saturdays" including Hot Dogs, Sodas, Popcorn, Nachos and Peanuts starting at $21.04
$33 a ticket gets you 2 Tickets to 3 games chosen from a list of 6 games that includes the Devils, Rangers, Flyers, Canadians and Lightning as well as a $25 Visa voucher and another voucher for 2 Hot Dogs and 2 Sodas.
These are just a few that stood out, I'm sure if we dig deeper we could find some more deals.

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