Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Roundup: Oilers find their men, Zezel passes away, Caps lose another Russian

Tuesday, May 26 2009 All today's sports news and my (expert) opinion on it all.
Pat Quinn and/or Tom Renney is/are the new head coach/coachs in Oil Country
In all seriousness, Quinn is the Head Coach, and Renney is there to take the reigns when Quinn gets sick and has to retire. Both are signed to 3 year deals. Former Oiler Kelly Buchberger is the lone member of the old coaching staff to stay on. Charlie Huddy and whoever the other guy is won't be back.
Its an interesting move to say the least. The knock on Quinn in Toronto was that he didn't play the young players enough. Next thing you know he's winning gold medals coaching the World Juniors. Quite a transition, but you can't argue that he hasn't been successful. The young kids in Edmonton should learn a lot from him, and at the very least, be scared to death of him.
RIP Peter Zezel
It was reported out of Toronto early this morning that the former faceoff specialist was clinging to life in a Toronto hospital. Zezel died this afternoon at the age of 44.
He had long been battling a rare blood disorder known as hemolytic anemia, but the recent set back that eventually killed him stemmed from a complication from a surgical procedure late last week.
Zezel was an active memeber of the NHL Alumni Association and donated a great deal of time and money to several different charitable causes.
The Capitals are a little less "red" today
One day after reports that Sergei Fedorov was headed to Mother Russia to finish his career, the Caps are apparently down a second Russian.
Viktor Kozlov has reportedly inked a deal with a KHL team (I dont know which team, because I don't care. Its the KHL).
More and more Russias are going to be doing this, and I'm all for it. Fedorov's career has been over for about 4 seasons now. The KHL seems to be where dead horses go to be slaughtered.
Mike Tyson's daughter fighting for her life
Iron Mike's four year old daughter Exodus is on life support and in extremely critical condition after accidently wrapping a power cord around her neck.
Obviously very tragic... no matter what the outcome I hope Tyson has the mental stability to get through something like this.
Pens on the verge of clinching
Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals is literally about to get underway, with the Penguins one win away from booking a return ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals.
If theres any team that would come back from a 3-0 hole, it would be these Carolina Hurricanes. So far the Canes have been nothing more than a weak breeze, not putting up much of a fight against a rolling Pens team.
I don't see how the Canes get swept. Don't get me wrong, I hope they do, but I wouldn't bet on it.
Having said that... Go Pens!

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