Monday, December 8, 2008

Hockey Analyst Roll Call

In our last podcast we briefly talked about a current active hockey player that has made his career after the game has passed him simply by his classy and "original" interviews. Here is a short list of some players, active & retired, off the top of my head that I think would be great as a hockey analyst in no particular order:
Mats Sundin - Say what you will but after over a decade of dealing with the Leafs/Canadian sports media, this guy can field questions and hardly sound cliche.
Brendan Shanahan - Have you seen his mocking of the Senators players from a few years back? This guy has a sense of humor and would be a welcomed addition to any broadcasting team.
Ron Tugnutt - A personal favourite. Being from Ottawa I often listened to him in his interviews on our local sports radio and thought he was well spoken. Does this mean it can be carried over to television? Maybe not, but I'd like to see him try if offered. (Must have been an Oiler that year I was in my coma)
Trevor Linden - Former Canuck, Isle and Hab who's words are listened to and respected. Involved in the NHLPA, Linden has a good idea about the intricacies of the game.
Joe Thornton - Other than a slightly missed judgement call a few off-seasons ago which landed him some community service hours, Big Joe still carries the class and attitude of a true professional. That professionalism should be carried over to television.
Craig Conroy - The best for last. If you don't know why he'll be in broadcasting after the game then you don't watch hockey that closely, simple.
Now the worst...

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Mark! said...

Tugger has actually worked for CBC doing colour on some games soon after he retired. It was short lived though, haven't seen him on in a while.

Everybody on Sportsnet needs to go, save for Doug Maclean, I kinda like him.