Monday, December 1, 2008

Well that should end all the Tom Brady trade talk

Great day yesterday if you're a Steelers fan. Two things for sure if you are one...a) you're pleased as punch that they beat the Patriots, and b) your a dickhead. Matt "Not Tom Brady" Cassel showed his true colours yesterday. After back to back 400+ yardage games versus the Jets and the Dolphins, he fell back to earth (hard) against a strong Steelers defensive corps. This was a measuring stick game for Cassel. For the past two weeks all we've heard is how good the guy is and how much money is going to get thrown his way in 2009. There were even Tom Brady trade rumours. I kid you not. Well, after an afternoon that included two inopportune fumbles, five sacks, two interceptions, and a passer rating of 48.7%, that talked has died down considerably. And rightfully so. I can't believe I even have to write this blog actually. Nothing like a planning a future for a never-will-be quarterback after TWO good games (one of which the Pats lost by the way, to the Jets). If the Patriots ever pulled a move off that made Matt Cassel their current and future starting quarterback, I would find a very high cliff somewhere. The loss was huge for New England. The two teams they need to catch in the AFC WildCard race, Baltimore and Indianapolis, both won. The only solace is that the Jets laid an egg against Denver. What this means is that the Pats probably have to run the table the rest of their schedule. Good news is, they play in Seattle next weekend. Bad news is, Matt Cassel will be their starting quarterback. Le sigh.

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Choy said...

Any "credible" authority on the sport who sais the Pats should keep Cassel after just 2 well performed games should lose their "Credibility License", if one such exists with the media. Probably the same guy who said N.O would win the Superbowl in week 12.