Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A sign of the times

The NHL Board of Governors meetings are currently taking place in Florida and one the main issues that will be discussed in the slumping economy and its affect on the NHL. It was reported that there are a number of teams in serious financial trouble (didn't need a BOG's meeting to nail that one Gary), as many as 5 teams come to mind.
One team, probably the most seriously pressed team of the bunch, is the Phoenix Coyotes. It's projected that the team could lose up to $34 million this year and has lost over $200 million in the last ten years.
Another team that is requiring immediate support is the Florida Panthers. I came across a site that pretty much explains itself, 2 free tickets and parking if your a Florida resident who has yet to take in a Panthers game.
Check it for yourself
From what I gather they throw in the free parking because there is no mass transit system to the arena.

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