Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time to hang 'em up Pete

Peter Forsberg is on the verge of attempting yet another comeback. Although to his credit, he has never "officially" retired from hockey. He has however, taken the past two half-seasons off, trying to find some kind of magical skate to support his damaged-beyond-repair right foot.
The Swede hasn't been in the NHL for a full season since 2006-2007, and even then he only played a combined 57 games for Philadelphia and Nashville (yep, remember that?).
Last season, Forsberg signed with the Avalanche, but only managed to get in nine regular season games and seven playoff contests.
If it isn't his foot, its his groin. If it isn't his groin, its his foot. The bottom line is, at this point of his career, Forsberg is on his last leg. Not that that should be particularly suprising or shocking to anybody.
Forsberg played the game rugged and always exerted full effort everytime he stepped onto the ice. No doubt that his style of play is the main reason for his career to be cut short.
There was a time when Forsberg won scoring titles, MVP's, and most importantly, Stanley Cups. Those days are long gone though. Is another team willing to make a financial investment in this guy, even if it is for a quarter of a season? Let the speculation begin. Chances are, if any team were to do so, it would be the Avs, and granted, they could use all the scoring help they could get.
But in this case, the risk outweighs the reward. It simply is not worth putting any kind of money into a guy who is going to play 20 games for you, especially one that breaks down as often as Forsberg does.
So stop tarnishing your legacy. You scored one of the most memorable goals in Olympic hockey history. You've done it all. Its not like you are chasing the dream of finally winning a Stanley Cup. You've done that twice. You may even be a Hall of Famer. Know when to call it a career.

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