Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Win!

Canada completes another dominating World Junior Hockey Championship with a 5-1 drubbing of Sweden. I know, I know, Takarski stood on his head throughout the game, and it was much closer than the score would indicate (2 empty netters), but really, was there ever any doubt?
A couple things I noticed while watching the tournament...
1) Pat Quinn is still alive. And he wants to coach in the NHL again. Have fun in Ottawa or Pittsburgh, Pat!
2) Canada seems to have a punk on the roster every single year. There has been no bigger punk than Steve Downie, but this year we had a close second in Stefan Della-Rovere. The guy was an idiot out there, Canadian or not. He took some dumb penalties, and could have caused some major grief for the team, had the special teams not been so dynamic. He is a Caps draft pick, leads the Ontario Hockey League in penalty minutes so far this season, and I can't believe he doesn't belong to either Philly or the Leafs.
3) One of the penalties Della-Rovere took was in the Gold Medal game when he hit Swedish goalie Jacob Markstrom on the latter's way to the bench on a delayed penalty call. It was one of the few times during the night that Markstrom didn't dive like a Swedish soccer player tonight. His act of flopping around the ice trying blatantly to draw penalties was disgusting. Can't respect guys like that (or the coaches who preach the diving).
4) John Tavares and Angelo Esposito have made believers out of me. They were both just outstanding throughout the entire tournament. Tavares statistcally, and Esposito in every other aspect of the game. He proved he belonged (finally), and as a Pens fan, I'm wondering what it could take to get him back from Atlanta. Please take Staal, Don Waddel.
That is all. Congrats again to Canada and the fans in Ottawa who came out in droves for support. At least they have something to cheer about in the Nation's Capital this season!

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