Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crazy Viking guy at Pats game is a Canadian (damn it)

Last night I posted a pic of that crazy Hulk Hogan-Vikings fan-Randy Moss stalker-real life viking guy at the Monday Nighter. Turns out we now know who he is. He is Syd Davy, better known to Minnesota Vikings fans at 100 Percent Cheese Free. Whatever that means. He has a Packers tattoo on his arm, so whatever. I'm not one to judge nicknames' validity. Apparently he is a huge Randy Moss fan and drives 7 hours from CANADA for every Pats home game. That, my friends, is dedication. Or maybe something a bit more disturbing. He loved the Blue Bombers growing up and ended up rooting for the Vikings when his hero, Bud Grant left the Bombers to coach the Vikes. Awww, thats kinda nice.

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