Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Morning Sickness - Oct22/08

Tyler Sloan and the 9 minute powerplay If you caught the Caps and Flames game last night, you witnessed the hit of the year so far. The Caps Tyler Sloan, on his first shift in the NHL, absolutely obliterated Daymond Langkow. Rene Bourque came in and tried to pummel Sloan afterwards, and got 9 minutes worth of penalties. The Caps didn't score on that 9 min. PP. Weak. Ron Wilson pulls the ol' switcheroo So the Leafs are putting up a great effort against the Ducks last night. Game goes into a shootout thanks, mainly to J.S Giguere, who made 36 saves. Toskala has been bad in shootouts so Ronnie Wilson pulls him and puts Cujo in. Cujo promptly allows the first two shooters to score and the Leafs lose. I'm almost feeling bad for Leaf fans this season. You could subsitute the Leafs fans into this Daily Show clip about the "Stupid" demographic. Signs of the times

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