Thursday, October 23, 2008

November 5th can't come soon enough

Thats the day after the U.S. Election where (if there truly is a God), we will never have to hear from Sarah Palin again. In an article due out in People on Friday she claims she wants to have a son and name him "Zamboni." (Yahoo) We get it, Sarah. You are a hockey Mom. Truth be told, you are probably turning a lot of hockey fans off of the game. I'm surprised Gary Bettman hasn't put you in any "Is This the Year?" commercials. Oh, and if you haven't had enough of her yet, you can catch her dropping the puck at the Blues game on Friday. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Smart. Especially after you consider the fact that the Flyers haven't won a game all year after she dropped the puck at their home opener. Jinx City!

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