Thursday, October 23, 2008

Morning Sickness - Oct 23/08

Sean Avery's doucheness unrewarded Martin Brodeur shuts down the NHL's resident scumbag and the rest of the Stars 5-0. I was told about Sean Avery when he was drafted. I knew a chick who went to high school with him in Owen Sound. She said he was the biggest asshole she ever met. He has sure lived up to that reputation. Naturally, Avery didn't talk to reporters after the blowout loss. Think it would have been the same way if the score was reveresed? He'd still be talking. None of this shit would be happening if Scott Stevens were still around. (Newark Star-Ledger...) What an awful way to start the World Series I'm not talking about the Phillies taking Game 1, I'm talking about the dispicable anthem singing of the Backstreet Boys. Holy Christ, they really couldn't find anybody else to perform? Ashley Simpson wasn't available? Come on, World Series organizers. Pats not happy with Tom Brady, his knee, or his doctors So the Pats wanted a doctor in Boston to operate on Brady's knee, but he decided to get it done by a family friend in California. Infection, shitstorm ensues... (ESPN) Sign of the Times

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