Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am afraid of Ron Wilson

A day removed from the pre-shootout goalie swap, Leafs coach Ron Wilson wasn't pulling any punches and shooting from the hip at practise today. Among his beauty lines today... "To be honest with you, we have a lot of guys who aren't worried about the W's, they're worried about their ice time. Once they get through that, is where we'll be fine." Ronnie isn't too happy with Jason Blake either. Two days ago he had the team skate as hard as they possibly could until he blew his whistle. He bag skated the team for 2:34. Why that number? That was the length of a Jason Blake shift in the previous game ( a loss to Pittsburgh). Really Jason? 2:34? That might be a record for longest shift ever. Unheard of. Now there are rumblings that Blake might take a regular seat in the press box. "He might be on the fourth line, he might not be playing, we'll see," Wilson said of Blake. Wilson also touched on the fact that the Toronto media creates problems for the team, especially in the aspect of some his own players believing their own hype. "If it wasn't for the city they play in, most of the guys on this team wouldn't think they were as good as they do now." Yes. I hate the Leafs, but Vive le Ron Wilson.

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