Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Donvan McNabb uses a spoon to eat his Chunky Soup.

After the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals fought to a 13-13 tie this past weekend, Eagles QB Donovan McNabb talked about his on field performance and whether this may hurt the teams chances of a post-season birth after explaining to reporters NFL overtime rules were unaware to him.
"I Don't think so..." McNabb responded, "We're still in the hunt for a wildcard birth and feel that with the remaining games we have there's still a shot." When asked about future sponsorship deals for the long time Eagle, McNabb wasn't to worried. "Sponsorship deals usually take into account more aspects that just on-field performance. I had a long standing relationship with Campbell's however both parties decided that it was best to part ways".
Asked to explain the relationship further McNabb responded that Campbell's was upset with the athlete after informing the company he wasn't aware both spoons and forks could be used to eat the product. "I always thought that you used a spoon, I was never aware that the fork could be used at all."

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Mark! said...

it took me longer than it should have, but I get it.

I also eat mine with a spoon. never a fork.