Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This little kid just won the Cy Young

The little kid is of course San Francisco Giants phenom Tim Lincecum. Not really much of a surprise, he had my vote (if I had one. Surprisingly, I do not). Lincecum was 18-5 for the horrible Giants, with an MLB leading 265 strikeouts. He also posted a second-best N.L earned run average of 2.62. Opponents hit just .221 against him. Not too shabby. Here is how the voting broke down... 1. Tim Lincecum 137 pts 2. Brandon Webb 73 pts 3. Johan Santana 55 pts 4. Brad Lidge 10 pts 5. C.C Sabathia 9 pts 6. Ryan Dempster 4 pts The American League Cy Young award will be awarded on Thursday, with Cliff Lee the favourite to win it. Throw in Roy Halladay and K-rod in the discussion too, they'll both get first place votes. I can't write about Lincecum without throwing another jab at inept Blue Jays G.M J.P Ricciardi. Rumours were floating around this time last year that a Alex Rios-for-Lincecum deal was in the works. Obvioulsy it never panned out and I had to watch Rios phone it in every game he played for the Jays this summer.

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