Friday, November 14, 2008

Onrait wants Manny in a Jays uniform

One of the best personalities TSN has these days is Jay Onrait. Actually, he is pretty much the only bright spot on an overly-serious network that is growing lame.
Today marks the start of MLB's free agent frenzy, and players are able to sign with the team that offers them the most cashitos.
Onrait's blug at today is all about J.P Ricciardi and how he should bring Manny Ramirez to the Blue Jays. Its a longshot (even Onrait admits that), but it would really solve a lot of problems with the Jays, most notably its anemic offence.
"I know what you're thinking: "Onrait, there's no way Manny signs in Toronto" and I admit it's a massive long-shot. But during J.P's entire rocky tenure as General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, there has never been a single, one-shot opportunity to change his fortunes with the signing of one player. One player who can flat-out hit right now and will probably be able to flat-out hit for the next 5 seasons."
Jay has a point and many Jays fans hope the longshot odds play out. Too good to be true though, in all likelihood.
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