Monday, November 17, 2008

Fantasy Players Beware

I'm relatively new to Fantasy Sports and don't ever plan on leaving. In this wonderful world of Head-to-Heads, Rotisserie's and Salary Caps you can create a team of your favourite players (or least favourite players) depending on their current season production and watch them lead you to victory or defeat. Some owners are waiver nuts, while others (like myself) has patience that rivals very few. The draft of any fantasy sports is something that I always look forward to. Going to a buddy's house or a pub and have a few frosty's while exchanging jabs with your fellow "Fantasy Freaks" is always a good time had by all. A little bonus if you have a significant other is that your given the chance to get out of the house and have a little me time with your friends. However the following information is extremely important and may apply to you if your better half loathes the idea of your involvement in this fantasy world. I came across a site for WAFS (, a site dedicated for those scorned by this glorious fantasy sporting world. The site, complete with forums, news, apparel and even spotlights, offers solitude to women crying and whining. If you check out the site look our for their forums and my personal fav' "ways to ruin his draft". Just a heads up guys, you never know what could happen. Steve

1 comment:

Mark! said...

That is the single most ridiculous website I've ever seen.
Hey, I think I'm gonna start MASO... Men Against Soap Operas.

All I can say to this is god bless Al Bundy and his NO MA'AM movement.