Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eat it, Pierre!

So, as a Penguins fan, its fair to say I had a vented interest in the Stanley Cup Finals rematch tonight in Detroit. I don't have TSN 2, so I was stuck watching the Habs shutout the Sens, while listening to the Pens/Wings online. Things weren't going well in the second period. TSN broke to a highlight when the Wings scored to make it 5-2. When they got back from the clip, here is what Pierre "Turtle, Turtle" McGuire had to say: "Thats just men playing boys there. It was like that all the Finals last year and its still like that now." Nice call, Pierre. Sure enough, the Pens come back, tie it at 6 in the last minute and win the game in overtime. Oh how I wish I could somehow ram his tiny, albino foot down his skrawny turtle neck. Maybe that would make me one of McGuires Monsters. For anybody else looking to hate on this loud, arrogant hockey "expert", there are no shortage of anti-Pierre groups on the Facebook. I decided on People Against Pierre McGuire.


Anonymous said...

Pierre rules!

Blammo! Whammo! Monster! It's a double Dion!

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